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When we read, see or hear something that grabs our attention and makes us feel something deep within our core, we are most likely driven tell others about it. How do you want to pull people in? What’s the lasting message you want to leave people with? You do not have to be a writer, to write a short story. The whole point of these submissions is to feature real stories from real people affected by arthritis directly or indirectly. To achieve the authenticity and voice of the series, stories must come from the individuals themselves.

When writing your short story think about how you would answer a question if a stranger asked you something about arthritis. Consider how you would tell a story in relation to arthritis to one of your closest friends and loved ones? I know those of us affected by arthritis have a lot to say. After all, as this series will show, it affects all aspects of our lives. But what’s that one thing you want to focus on in your short story if you had to choose?

The best examples of other series out there in the same vein as this are Humans of New York and Chicken Soup for the Soul. These feature people sharing stories about something specific in their lives, a moment in time, are reflective, true, inspirational, provide words of wisdom and share from the heart.

You can write about a bad experience and have a positive twist to it. Example: You couldn’t walk well due to joint damage in your knee caused by arthritis and needed a total knee replacement. But after learning to re-walk again, you can now walk miles and miles. Another example is arthritis may have stopped you from being able to work in a career you love but now you found something even better to do and are happy.

Feel free to use any of these!

o   a specific day 
o   moment in your arthritis journey that was pivotal 
o   an aha! or light bulb moment 
o   words of wisdom or advice 
o   what you wish you knew/what you wish others knew 
o   something that inspired, motivated, encouraged, empowered you
o   something that gave you strength, hope
o   something that helped you persevere, cope, accept or adapt


Let that be your guide when you write your short story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit?

Everyone and anyone. Any age, gender, race, ethnicities, and those who identify as disabled, BIPOC, LGBTQ, etcetera. People living with any type of arthritis, in all parts of the world are eligible to submit. So are those who support someone with arthritis and are affected by it indirectly.

Do I have to live in the USA to submit?

Absolutely not. Anyone from all over the world is eligible to submit a short story and photo. The goal is to make this series as diverse and inclusive as possible.

How long should my story be?

Story word counts can range anywhere from 50-100 words minimum to 1,000 maximum. (Nothing longer than that.)

What file format should I submit my photo in?

PNG is preferred but you can submit jpg. Just make sure the photo you submit is a minimum of 800 px wide.

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